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Microsoft Edge browser will block intrusive ads

(Source: CNET) It’s a significant development for Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge, … they’re blocking ads, blocking ad trackers, and blocking sneakier website code that …

Walmart may pump $1.2 billion into Flipkart’s operations

(Source: Business Today) This move is likely to give an impetus to the Indian e-commerce major in the face of cut-throat competition from the likes of Amazon at home. “As of April 30, 2019 …

Zendesk connects Sales and Service with Duet

(Source: Enterprise Times) The logical addition is one of the other systems of record that connect the dots in Finance or eCommerce. Matt Price answered simply with: “Nothing to announce ..

Alibaba and Russian firms form a social commerce joint venture

(Source: DigitalCommerce360) Chinese ecommerce powerhouse Alibaba will contribute $100 million to the joint venture plus its successful AliExpress Russia marketplace. Its partners include .

Match-Trade moves to a new office and expands management team.

(Source: GlobeNewswire) Match-Trade’s long-term development strategy includes a plan to launch a new … the company refreshed its online image by launching a brand new website.

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Path to Personalization: The 9 Keys to Driving Stronger Relationships—One Customer at a Time

Do you know when to approach your customers? What about—and maybe even more importantly—when not to? These are two of the first questions to answer when developing a personalization strategy. Answering them requires not only knowing your customers’ journeys but also discerning where they’re at and how their unique situations affect each moment. And remember, […]

The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics

Today’s B2B marketers must be able to prove business impact qualitatively, but it’s tough with complex deals and long sales cycles. Until now! Download the comprehensive, 158-page Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics for worksheets, checklists, examples, expert interviews, and other resources to help you implement ABM analytics today. Read to discover: • Why […]

The Buyer’s Guide: A Guide to Upgrading Your Growth Marketing Platform

In what industry experts call the “Now Economy,” your marketing stack should be as innovative and agile as your organization in order to grab consumer attention, respond to their needs in real time and win their long-term loyalty. Download the content to learn the benefits of switching to a modern growth marketing platform, as well […]

Evolve Now To Personalization 2.0: Individualization

To meet customer expectations of rich, relevant experiences, digital business professionals must help their firms evolve their personalization strategy from segmentation to individualization. The good news: Customers are willing to share personal information with firms in exchange for more valuable experiences. The challenge ahead: Digital business pros must now react in real time to their […]

Assessment: How Mature Is Your Marketing Strategy?

The readiness assessment determines the current state of your marketing organization, as well as actionable next steps on the journey to omni-channel marketing. Download the guide and you’ll find: 1. How to dramatically improve your marketing relevance across channels 2. How to evaluate your customer segmentation, message personalization and team alignment 3. What actions you […]