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Toyota gears up to bring marketing automation in-house in efficiency drive

(Source: Marketing Week ) Toyota is in the “very early stages” of creating the infrastructure to bring its marketing automation in-house in a move it hopes will help it both be more precise …

MarTech Interview with Andrea Lechner-Becker, CMO, LeadMD

(Source: MarTech Series ) The opinion that it might not be the right time for a company to purchase that Marketing Automation tool or data provider or ABM Enablement tool isn’t always …

Salesforce Tackling Home Care, Social Determinants of Health With New Services

(Source: Home Health Care News ) Cloud-based software giant Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) — known for providing customer relationship management (CRM) technologies to companies from Adidas ..

OMRON Brings Its Factory Harmony Exhibit, A Hit At CES, To ATX West

(Source: AiThority ) In the Factory Harmony exhibit, OMRON pick and place automation … said Matt Trowbridge, Vice President of Marketing of OMRON Automation Americas.

Salesforce Delivers New Health Cloud Innovations to Personalize Patient Experiences to Improve Outcomes

(Source: MarTech Series ) Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, delivered new innovations to Salesforce Health Cloud that improve healthcare through connected, intelligent patient …

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5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your Enterprise Grow

These days, growth-oriented, ambitious companies increasingly have the opportunity to gain the upper hand in the market because they are taking advantage of digital tools to maintain and even amplify their competitive edge. As prospective customers determine their own purchase journey, emerging enterprises must use digital tools to build personal relationships with them, win their […]

The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing

Not all email is created equal. Customers and prospects have learned to filter out noise, so your email needs to be more trusted, more relevant, and more conversational. Download our new Definitive Guide to Engaging Email, a jam packed 150+ guide, to move beyond basic batch and blast email to a whole new level of […]

Moving to Marketo: Accelerate Your ROI with Seamless Migration

Is your legacy platform holding back your enterprise? Perhaps outdated or complex functionality makes the simplest work flows cumbersome to create and edit. Maybe your marketing team needs to rely heavily on technical users to get campaigns or even a simple email out the door. Or, it may simply come down to the quality of […]

From Insights to Engagement: Transform Your Customer Relationships with Data

The Engagement Economy has introduced a new paradigm for marketers: you’re competing for an increasingly finite supply of audience attention as your prospects and customers are bombarded with marketing messages across new channels and digital media. The only way forward is laser-focus on personalization in each conversation with your audience. The formula for doing this […]

The State of Engagement: Insights on Engagement from 2,000 Global Consumers Marketers

The Engagement Economy—the reality that we consume and market in today—is a new era where everyone and everything is connected. And in this reality, consumer expectations have shifted to require more from the brands they buy from—they seek a personal relationship that offers them value wherever they are and whenever they are ready to engage. […]