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Addenda Capital Trimmed Adobe Sys (ADBE) Position; Auxier Asset …

(Source: The FinExaminer ) … 02/04/2018 – Hollywood Rpter: Adobe Intros “Master Properties” For After Effects Ahead of NAB; 15/05/2018 – POINTSTATE BOOSTED MSFT, ADBE, CRM, …

Tensile Capital Management Has Lowered Cornerstone Ondemand …

(Source:D Minute ) Some Historical CSCO News: 15/05/2018 – Leading Marketing Innovators from Marketo and Cisco to Keynote This Year’s BRAND INNOVATION QUEST® in ..

Intuvo Offers White Paper on Credit Union Mortgage Lending

(Source: National Mortgage Professional Magazine) Intuvo, a provider of marketing automation software to the credit union industry, has published a free white paper detailing how credit unions can succeed in the …

Facebook Stock Finishes Friday’s Market Selloff on a Sour Note

(Source: “Many leaders of Silicon Valley, including respected voices [Salesforce (CRM) CEO] Marc Benioff and [Apple CEO (AAPL) ] Tim Cook, have turned against …

IBM Sells Software Portfolio to India’s HCL Technologies

(Source: The products are AppScan, a technology for secure application development; BigFix which offers secure device management; marketing automation application, …

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The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics

Today’s B2B marketers must be able to prove business impact qualitatively, but it’s tough with complex deals and long sales cycles. Until now! Download the comprehensive, 158-page Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics for worksheets, checklists, examples, expert interviews, and other resources to help you implement ABM analytics today. Read to discover: • Why […]

United Airlines Hands Global Media Duties to Dentsu in Another Tough Turn for WPP

(Source: Adweek) According to Greg Paull, co-founder and principal of R3, Wunderman was retained for production and CRM work. Paull placed United’s annual media spend in …

Engage to Win Workbook

In the Engagement Economy, it is our responsibility to engage our customers, not market to them. We must engage them early, engage them everywhere, and do so in meaningful ways at all times. But it’s your choice. You can choose to engage, choose to demonstrate that you understand the values of your customers, and choose […]

From Insights to Engagement: Transform Your Customer Relationships with Data

The Engagement Economy has introduced a new paradigm for marketers: you’re competing for an increasingly finite supply of audience attention as your prospects and customers are bombarded with marketing messages across new channels and digital media. The only way forward is laser-focus on personalization in each conversation with your audience. The formula for doing this […]

State of Engagement

The Engagement Economy—the reality that we consume and market in today—is a new era where everyone and everything is connected. And in this reality, consumer expectations have shifted to require more from the brands they buy from—they seek a personal relationship that offers them value wherever they are and whenever they are ready to engage. […]